About the gallery
    The Moscow art gallery "GROSart" was established in November 2013 by the two art scholars Elena Gribonosova-Grebneva and Elena Osotina after leaving the G.O.S.T. Art Gallery which had been active on the Moscow art scene from 2003 setting up exhibitions of paintings and graphic works of the 19thand 20thcenturies. Among the artists we exhibited were such celebrities as Alexei Bogolyubov, Alexei Savrasov, Vasily Surikov, Isaac Levitan, Mikhail Vrubel, Apolinary Vasnetsov, Zinaida Serebryakova, Alexander Shevchenko, Dmitry Kardovsky, Vladimir Favorsky, Lev Bruni, Alexander Drevin, Nikolai Krymov, Nikolai Chernyshev, Pyotr Miturich, Alexander Deineka, Vasily Vatagin, Leonid Soifertis, Pyotr Dik, to name just a few.

    "GROSart" gallery continues their earlier established productive cooperation with the leading Russian museums such as the Tretyakov State Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the State Literary Museum, the State Pushkin Museum, the Radischev State Museum of Fine Arts in Saratov, the State Museum-preserve in Smolensk, the national gallery "Khasine" in Tatarstan, and many other museums.

    "GROSart" gallery has always aimed to extend their range of activities to embrace all high-quality Russian art of the 20thand the 21stcenturies in the field of graphic arts, painting, and sculpture. We have long been working on a regular basis with such artists as Yuly Perevezentsev, Yuri Vaschenko, Alexander Yulikov, Dmitry Tugarinov, Nikolai Vatagin, Nikolai Nasedkin, Vladimir Salnikov, Nina Kotel, Nikolai Andriyevich, and many others. They create art of museum level and have always adhered to the highest standards in visual culture.

    "GROSart" gallery renders assistance in the following matters:
    Compiling art collections including for investment purposes; consulting on matters related to acquisitions of artifacts taking into account the dynamics and trends in the development of different arts (painting, graphic arts, sculpture, etc.)

    Preliminary evaluation of investment attractiveness of art objects based on a long-time comprehensive study of regularities in the fluctuations of art markets, both in the area of antique and contemporary arts.

    Attribution, authentication, and approximate pricing of art works on the basis of long-time productive collaboration with art museum specialists, experienced curators and restorers.

    Realization of exhibition and publishing projects, promotion of individual works and collections in the art market, enhancing the prices for art concrete works.

    Assistance in all questions related to acquisition of art works, including customs procedures for bringing in art works and taking them out of the country; we help with legal procedures for sales and acquisitions of art works in the shortest possible time while observing strict confidentiality.

    Selecting and commissioning paintings, graphic works and sculptures for decorating offices and private residences. Apart from their decorative and design functions, such objects of interior decoration, being high-quality works of museum level, can also be viewed as investments and will adorn any art collection.

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